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Chef Seattle is a local, online restaurant and food guide based out of Redmond. The site is run by one busy guy, Grant (and formerly Steve), who probably eat more than anyone should ever have to. They are accompanied by our editor Robin and writer, Bryan, who have since left for greater adventures. Luckily, Chef Seattle has many friends to drag along on their eating adventures (including an over-abundance of volunteers), that make life easier for the crew.

The idea for a site like Chef Seattle came about as a way of exploring food in the Northwest. Seattle is a special gem in the culinary world, because the city has access to a bounty of local vegetables, fresh seafood and organic farms; something that many chefs can only dream about. While Chef Seattle writes restaurant reviews, the goal is actually food education as a whole: everything from sushi guides to why you should support local and organic produce.

Both Grant and Steve want you to know that neither one claims to be the most knowledgeable foodie or accomplished taste tester (though they've eaten more than the average bear). This is why they're enlisting the expert help of none other than Seattle chefs! From articles to interviews and even videos, the website will feature local chefs talking about what they know best: food. They'll discuss some things you might know, such as how to pick ripe apples; and some things you might not know, like why farm salmon outnumber wild salmon 85 to 1.

In order to help build a community on Chef Seattle, there is discussion forum as well as a blog, where you can meet with other Seattlelites to talk about restaurants and food. There will also be monthly contests, such as tastiest food photos, ultimate mac and cheese recipes or funniest bar stories, as our way of giving back.

Chef Seattle looks forward to having you as part of our community. Happy eating!

About Grant

A Northwest native, Grant is the founder of Chef Seattle and is officially in charge of business operations, web development and marketing. Unofficially, he makes all the mess in the office. Grant graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Informatics, where he touched on usability, value sensitive design and search. As such, it's no coincidence that Chef Seattle is the only restaurant guide on the web that meets WCAG accessibility standards (try navigating with your tab keys).

Before venturing into Chef Seattle, Grant ran a successful search marketing consulting business for a number of years before succumbing to airport food and peanuts. The experience has made Grant an ardent supporter of organizations like Slow Food, which embraces the social and environmental pleasure of eating.

Grant has his family to thank for his foodie neurosis, as his parents routinely drove out of state (or the country) in search of gluttonous pleasures. In his off time, Grant tries not to burn down the kitchen, kill any plants or check his email.

About Steve

Steve is the right hand man for Chef Seattle and handles legal, graphic design, video production and is the resident coffee expert. Joining Chef Seattle from the start, Steve is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in American Ethnic Studies and is also a certified paralegal.

Steve's appreciation for food also stems from his family: his aunt is a popular pastry chef in California, his brother is a SCCC culinary school graduate and his Mom is a seasoned home chef. His Dad orders sandwiches from Subway.

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