Accessibility Statement

Chef Seattle understands the importance and need to design accessible websites. During our site redesign, we have given accessibility a top priority.

Cross Browser Compatibility Support

Our site is written with valid XHTML according to W3C HTML guidelines and has been tested and verified to work on the following browsers:

  • Firefox 1.x to Present
  • All versions of Chrome
  • Safari 3.x to Present
  • IE 6.x to Present
  • Opera 9+ to Present
  • Netscape 9+ to Present

If your browser is not among those listed at the top, we still anticipate site compatibility provided that you have a modern browser capable of supporting CSS. In the event that your browser does not support CSS, our pages do linearize in intuitive order that will make browsing acceptable.

Screen Resolution (800x600 or higher)

Our site was designed to for users of 800x600 resolution or higher. While our site looks best in screen resolution of 1024x786 or higher, our site is still fully functional in browsers with 800x600 resolution.

Dynamic Font Sizing Support

Font sizes are designed using EMS measurements and are resizeable in all modern browsers. In the majority of pages, efforts have been made so that each page scales up in size accordingly. In certain situations with static sized images, there are some aesthetic issues that occur but navigation and usability is still functional.

Keyboard Navigation Styles

Keyboard navigation is supported across Chef Seattle pages. Active text links will appear as a link with yellow background and dotted border. Images that are 'clickable' will appear semi-transparent when active as well.

Tab indexing is generally quite intuitive and normally flows from the left to rightmost columns. To ease keyboard browsing, certain sets of links have had their tab index removed where the link structure is redundant.

Skip Navigation Links

Skip links are available accessible at the top of each page, which will direct browser focus to the middle column of the screen where the main content is rendered. Skip links have are also employed at the beginning of most link clusters for the option of skipping those series of links to the next section.

Access Keys

Basic access keys are in use on the site and follow this order:

  • 1 - Homepage
  • 2 - Skip Links
  • 7 - Accessibility
  • 8 - Search Box
  • 9 - Contact Us

A reminder to Firefox users- if you are using version 2.0+ then you will need to use ALT-SHIFT+number to perform an access key function. Firefox access key behavior also immediately clicks on the link as opposed to highlighting the link, so accessing the home page and contact us page will result in direct navigation. We apologize that more use of access keys have not been defined, but Chef Seattle believes that the next round of web standards will be a much more ideal time to integrate the use of key-based navigation.

Javascript (Not Required)

Javascript, while active on the site, is used for special features such as image pop-ups but degrade nicely when not available. You will find that your browsing experience will have little effect without javascript turned off, although some features may not be enabled.

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