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Steve GSeptember 19th, 2007
By: Steve G

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The Reigning Coffee King of the Kitchen: The Electric Drip

This is the iconic mainstay of homes and offices around the world. While it may be the flashiest of the group nor the most preferred technique, it is the least hands-on of the group. If you can’t figure out how to brew with the electric drip, it's going to be a hard road ahead. It has become more automated and streamlined so that it practically makes coffee by itself. But which brand is the best? With hundreds of companies offering their own personal brands of electric drip, does one have an edge over the other? The real truth is no. Buying a company branded brewer or any other brewer doesn’t guarantee anything. Would you buy a $200 HDMI Monster Cable or a $4.99 Startech HDMI Cable? Both do exactly the same thing, but most consumers don’t know that. So why would you shell out more bucks for the brand name?

How it works:

Water is poured through the grinds that are held in a filter. As the water slowly seeps through the filter, the oils and flavors are captured and pulled through the bottom of the filter into the carafe (known by most as the coffee pot).

Grind: Medium to Medium Coarse


When it comes to Standard Electric Drip machines, only one thing matters the most: wattage. Strangely, wattage is not one of those things they tend to advertise as a selling point. After combing through several sites, not a single one talks about this very important factor. But what’s the importance of wattage? Simple, More wattage equates to a more powerful heater and brewing cycles tend to reach their ideal temperatures faster. Thermal carafes over glass ones are preferred as they tend to have less wear over repeated usage. Gold filters work better than the throw-away paper filters in brewing coffee, but also require a bit more maintenance. Never pour a cup until the entire brew is complete as the first part of the brew tends to be stronger. Always stir the carafe before serving to even out the distribution of caffeine.

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A standard electric drip coffee
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