The Neapolitan Flip

Steve GSeptember 20th, 2007
By: Steve G

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Considered one of the more traditional ways to produce coffee, the Neapolitan goes by several names: Café Filtre, Flip Drip, and Neapolitana. Using the Neapolitan method produces a coffee with a richer body with darker color. Working along the same lines as the moka pot expect for one key factor. Where the Moka Pot uses gas pressure to force the water to steep into the grounds, the Neapolitan only uses the force of gravity to do it. When looking at the brewing pot, the pot looks as though two cups are stacked upon each other. In actuality, there are three parts to the pot. The spout less part is meant to contain the water where it will be boiled. The middle section encases the coffee grinds that as a filter for the water. Last but not least is the spout side of the pot, which serves the finished coffee.

How it works:

The first part to making Neapolitan coffee is to place water in the bottom part of the pot. After boiling the water in the pot, simply flip the pot over so that it pass through the filter of coffee grounds. Once the water has finished going into the cup, the bottom part is removed and the top part is used as a jug to pour out the coffee.

Grind:Medium to Medium coarse (about the same grind as Eletric Drip)


After reaching a boil, always let the water cool for 20 seconds before flipping the chamber. Never overfill the grounds chamber and mix up the coffee before serving to balance out the brew.

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The Neapolitan Flip, aka Flip Drip
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