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Chef Seattle wouldn't be part of a community if we didn't have some cool friends. There are many restaurant and food websites out there, but there's no reason we can't share the love around. Here are just a few of the other sites we like to visit when we're not too busy working on Chef Seattle.

edible Seattle is a local magazine that features nothing but food, recipes and stories from the Seattle region. The magazine celebrates the bounty of the Puget Sound and supports the farmers, chefs and industry that makes Seattle such a great food city.

A Fresh Squeesh, is an awesome newsletter on green living in Seattle and the Northwest. They provide frequent tips on saving energy, being eco-aware and even stuff for foodies like us.

Solo Dining is a site that both celebrates and informs visitors on dining options while eating out alone.

Special Thanks

Silk Icons gets credit for supplying us with lots of icons for use on our website. They're cute and quite useful, so many thanks to them!

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