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12549 116th Ave NE , Kirkland WA 98034 ~ 425-821-0577
Tucked away down a road, in a small strip mall, this family operated Thai restaurant delivers some home style cooking that is pretty reasonable.
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Thumra Thai:
12549 116th Ave NE
Kirkland WA 98034


Family Styled Thai Food in Kirkland

Steve G August 3rd, 2007
By: Steve G

Sometimes when we’re off to review a place, we don’t really know what to expect. At times we’ll head over to a real swanky place, other times a real dive bar. More often than not, we have a certain expectation in our minds. When we walked through the door to Thumra Thai, it was a mixed bag of sorts.

Located in a small strip mall in Kirkland, Thumra Thai offers Thai Cuisine of the typical sorts. As soon as you’re seated it’s easily discernible that Thumra is a family operated joint. It seems like every member of the family has some sort of helping hand in the business. The father is the mastermind in the kitchen, while the mother serves all the customers in the restaurant.

We ordered the Phad Thai, Sweet Basil Chicken, Pad Dao Dang, Keoh Wan Gai, and Thai Chicken Salad. Every order comes with cup of peppery soup that is vaguely similar to egg flower. Cornstarch seems very apparent in its ingredients as it looked much thicker than is needed.

Mixed with pieces of chicken, sweet basil, mushrooms, peppers and egg, the Sweet Basil Chicken ($6.55) is very reminiscent of the Larb Gai. Wrapped in lettuce and mixed with lime, the chicken is very flavorful due to the broth and basil, albeit the dish might have suffered a little from the overkill on broth. The fried egg added on top is an interesting surprise. Sunny side up, the egg looked real puffy and fluffy. (sorry, didn’t mean to rhyme) For an extra $2, you can add a side of Pad Thai or $1 for a spring roll. The side of Pad Thai seemed a little too westernized with its taste being too sweet with a ketchup like flavor. The tamarind sauce seemed to be non existent along with the fish oil. We were a little disappointed by it, but it was a side dish ordered along with the chicken so we didn't make a huge fuss about it.

Those with a lighter appetite might want to try the Thai Chicken Salad ($6.55). Topped with a strong tasting peanut sauce, it had an interesting balance of sweet and sour. The salad had a dressing already on top of it, while the dish also came with a side dish of peanut sauce. Mixed together with the lettuce, chopped carrots and onions it made for a great meal that isn't too heavy. In the same spirit of Thai food, the salad also comes with a option of spice. We ordered a two star, but the salad seemed more of a three or four star scale.

The Keow Wan Gai (Green Curry) is comprised of chicken, zucchini, bamboo, red and green peppers and basil atop a bed of wheat noodles. The chicken was a little flavorless, but whatever shortcomings in flavor that the chicken had were made up for with the curry. Smooth and creamy, the curry was nicely made and had the right amount of spice. Don't expect much from the chicken, this dish is all about the curry.

The Pad Dao Dang was a coconut milk based curry that was mixed with chicken, peppers and a sharp Thai basil. The curry seemed a little more watered down, but the spice was really ramped up like the Thai Chicken Salad. On closer inspection, the chili flakes were very apparent keeping are water glasses tightly clenched in our hand. The peppers and basil came in copious amounts that added up to a filling meal.

Value wise, Thumra Thai is a good deal, with most dishes around $6-7. For people that need their rice, it costs an extra $1. Just on the sheer level of value, Thumra Thai serves up Thai food that isn’t truly revolutionary but isn’t bad either. Those on a budget might want to check out Thumra as a great lunch spot. Regardless of budget, Thumra’s quality and prices make it a good option for those looking for Thai food.

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