User Reviews, Coffee Store and What’s up with Seattle?

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“When can we sign up and post restaurants reviews?”

Answer: One month. (I think.)

Now I understand all those programmer jokes about how to estimate a project deadline. For those who aren’t so geeky, the jokes often go along the lines of:

Estimated project time + 3 months
Multiply by 2
Add [age of boss x 2] days
Add [number of programmers on projects] months
Add [number of meetings] weeks
Get final total.

Take total and multiply again by 2 and you have the genuine project completion time.

So really, user logins should be done in about 18 months, apparently.

Seriously though, hopefully one-month is the timespan for user logins. There’s a few issues going in, namely 1) I have zero experience coding sessions 2) I understand they are a security vector 3) I am coding for a scalable, multi-server environment and 4) I’m supposed to be on vacation. Or as Dante from the movie Clerks would say, “I’m not even supposed to be here today!”. For the PHP savvy, if you’re wondering why someone in this day and age would not have experience with sessions- let’s just say I knew of css, php and mysql about 7 months ago. It’s been a lot of firsts for many things this last year. I don’t think anything could be nearly as bad as the learning curve of IE and CSS, so I’m sure sessions will prove to be fairly standard.

While we’re on the topic of “things that need to be done”, the store is on that same to-do list. We’ve got lots of t-shirts, mugs and Black Gold DVDs that we want to put up for sale, but it’s just a bottleneck issue now. Paypal is the obvious choice, as it makes credit card processing temptingly easy by skipping the need for a merchant account, payment gateway and store. Not to mention, Paypal has the lion’s share of the electronic payment market, which would increase transactions simply due to familiarity. On the other hand, there are a few ethical issues that are of concern to us regarding Paypal. This leaves us with the possibly of Google Checkout or rolling our own solution (because we don’t have enough to do, apparently).

Speaking of not enough to do, the astute among you might realize that our Seattle directory is no longer pointing to our restaurant reviews. We’ve moved it to the (drum roll…) restaurants directory instead. It made more sense, though we had some search engine reasons for making it Seattle to begin with. Now in the Seattle directory, we’ve put in place a variety of articles in there as filler for now (at least we’re honest?). The long term idea however, is to make it a short and sweet Top Ten lists of things, places, restaurants, people to (do / see / eat/ meet) in Seattle. Some visitors like deeper topics like Bryan’s article on the homeless, while others might like a Top Ten List of Weird Ads in the Seattle Weekly. We here are are shameless is selling ourselves to the lowest common denominator (if it’s for a good cause).

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