Roundcube and Garbled Text

Categories: news — Tags: — Posted by: Grant @ March 22, 2008 : 7:55 pm

Another quick post regarding Roundcube, a relatively new webmail platform and garbled text issues.

I was attempting to put a Roundcube installation up yesterday and initially ran into a weird issue where the page was spilling out unreadable text that was garbled up. Obviously, something was being served up while there were no errors being spit out, so I immediately thought it might be some strange charset issue of some kind.

Looking at the settings, everything looked fine and it Roundcube was using UTF-8. No bizzareness there. Scratching my head, I started putting in debug points to see where things were failing. Turns out, it was a compression issue. Guess that should have been apparent sooner, but I am new to such things. Anyhow, I turned off compression in PHP and everything worked like a charm afterward. On the other hand, if you don’t want to turn off PHP compression, you can also comment out the z-lib compression lines in Roundcube’s index.php file for the same effect.

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