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503 156th Ave SE , Bellevue WA 98007 ~ 425-747-1885
Hong Kong styled wonton soup at unbelievably cheap prices are what you'll get at this super small hole-in-the-wall at the south end of Bellevue.
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Wonton City:
503 156th Ave SE
Bellevue WA 98007


You Can't Find a Better Deal Than This

Steve G June 8th, 2007
By: Steve G

Looking for some cheap eats on the Eastside? How about $4 for a bowl of Wonton Soup? Typically, you would have to go into the International District to find a cheap bowl of wonton noodle soup. Hidden within an inconspicuous strip mall in Bellevue, Wonton City serves up your standard wonton noodle soup.

Wonton City's menu is pretty basic. Fish Ball, Sui-Kau, Beef Ball all of the regulars are here. There are around 23 different items you can choose from. From noodle soup to congee, it's all present at this Hong Kong-style cafe. All of the items are made fresh daily with the quality and taste that you would think could only be found in Chinatown. Some people might complain about the lack of variety, but at a place called Wonton City, the name says it all.

As you walk through the door, it's pretty obvious that elaborate interior decorating is not a priority for Wonton City. The inside looks like a cafeteria complete with a counter in the front, and with a long hallway along the side furnished with plain tables and chairs.

There is not much to talk about on the service side of the experience. Eating at Wonton City is like a typical Chinese fast food joint. The only interaction with the staff is during ordering and is really brief. After ordering at the counter, you grab a table and your bowl is delivered quickly to your table. We ordered the Wonton Beef Brisket, the Wonton Soup, and the Salted Chinese Donut. Both of the soups came served steaming hot, although the broth was a little bit bland.

The Wonton Soup ($3.80) came with a hearty portion of nine wontons. The wontons were a combination of shrimp, ginger, and pork. In a nutshell they tasted good but seemed to clump together. Perhaps they were pre-made and frozen? If you feel the portions are a little on the light side, for another $1.20 you can add an extra helping of noodles, soup, or vegetables.

The Wonton Beef Brisket ($5.20) came with about thick pieces of beef brisket and half as many wontons as the Wonton Soup. The egg noodles tasted good and the brisket was very tender, but in the end, the soup felt like it was missing some flavor. It also had a bit of oil in it that seemed to linger for a while in your mouth.

Traditionally, the Salted Chinese Donut ($1.50) is crispy, but Wonton City's version seemed to be a bit softer. Overall it tasted decent, but we've had better. We were a little bit suspicious as to whether it was homemade or not, but we really recommended it if you've never had it before. Usually ordered with congee it's a great side to go along with your soup.

In the end, Wonton City serves up some decent soups on the Eastside that would usually only be found in the International District. Just like those found in Chinatown, it is pretty much no-nonsense food and with such a cheap price that is just fine. If you're just looking for something cheap and tasty on the Eastside, Wonton City is a safe bet.

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